Grafitti Management Plan

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The Draft Graffiti Management Plan was developed in consultation through the Blue Mountains Graffiti Summit and consultation with key stakeholders. The aim of Draft Plan is to provide a clear and consistent framework for the management of graffiti within the Blue Mountains local government area and to ensure that regardless of the type of graffiti, where the graffiti is located or whom is responsible for its removal that the graffiti is removed in a timely fashion. The Draft Plan tackles graffiti in four distinct ways - eradication, engagement, education and enforcement with the view to building a partnership with the community to prevent acts of graffiti and effectively manage its removal.



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    What is Council doing to remove graffiti?

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    The removal of graffiti is an important priority for the Council. Currently there are Council graffiti removal teams, volunteer graffiti removal teams (sponsored by the Council) as well as ongoing building and assest maintenance programs conductcted by Council. The draft plan will allow for the effective coordination and improved efficiency in the removal of graffiti.

    by bmccadmin 25 May 2010, 04:23 PM 358 views
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    Are there legitimate places where graffiti might be allowed?

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    There are no places within the Blue Mountains where graffiti is allowed. However opportunities exist for the production and placement of murals and other pieces of public art (including aerosol art) within the local governemant area. For further information reference should be made to the Council's Public Art Policy. Additional information is also available through the Council's customer service centres.

    by bmccadmin 25 May 2010, 04:21 PM 1313 views
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    Is the Council responsible for removing Graffiti on my property?

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    The Council is not responsible for removing graffiti from private property. This remains the responsibility of the property owner. Under the new Graffitti Management Act, the Council may remove graffiti on private property when it can be done so by access from a public area. For example this might occur in a park where a wall or  of a private building or a fence bordered the park or other public space . In this case, the Council could legally remove the graffiti provided that it didn’t enter upon the private property and did so from the park or other accessible land adjoing the grafitti. However, while Council will be allowed to remove graffiti in this way it does not have an obligation to do so.

    by bmccadmin 25 May 2010, 04:20 PM 334 views