Review of Rating: Proposed New Rating Structure

The Public Exhibition period for your comments and submissions on the Rating Review has been extended until 5pm Friday 6 May 2011.

Council is in the process of reviewing its existing Rating Structure (ie. the system used to calculate the rates payable for Residential, Business and Farmland properties) and is proposing a new rating structure, commencing 2011-2012, that is:

  • A simpler structure; and
  • A fairer and more equitable structure overall, with all ratepayers paying their fair share.

Importantly, the proposed changes will not increase the Council's revenue from rates (this can only be increased by a....Read more


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    The Council wants to ensure a fair rating system for all ratepayers.

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    The proposed new rating structure means all businesses across the Blue Mountails will pay the same rate-in-the-dollar and the proportion of overall rates contributed by businesses is transparent.

    Under the current structure, businesses would contribute 6.79% of total rates revenue in 2011-2012, however businesses received the benefit of almost 9% of the Council's expenditure in 2010-2011. It is proposed to increase the contribution of rate revenue to approximately 9.5% which is better aligned with their use of Council provided services and facilities. 

    Depending on location, the majority of businesses will pay more rates, many others however will receive a reduction in rates. 

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    The majority of the City's 35,000 ratepayers (including pensioners and low income earners) will benefit from reduced rates.

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    Average annual resident rates will go down by approximately $39 and many will go down as much as $400.  However, depending on where you live, a small percentage of residents will experience an increase in their rates.

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    The proposed rating structure will be simpler with a significant reduction in the number of rating sub-categories and the number of different rates.

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    This will ensure that it:

    • is easier for ratepayers to understand
    • levels out the current inequitable rates
    • is fairer and more equitable overall
    • all ratepayers pay their fair share of rates.

    Importantly, the proposed new rating structure only changes the distribution of rates across the City, it does not increase revenue from rates for the Council. 

    by bmccadmin 24 Mar 2011, 05:09 PM 563 views