Pioneer Place Master Plan

Pioneer Place is the Council owned public parking facility located within the Katoomba retail precinct. This precinct is characterised by its split tier car parking arrangement and multiple points of access from Parke, Katoomba and Waratah Streets. Pioneer Place provides parking opportunities for customers to the Coles/Kmart complex, Katoomba Fair and a range of businesses in the vacinity.

The functionality of this precinct has long been an issue for users of Pioneer Place. More recently, there has been a call to develop a long term planning strategy that addresses accessibility, connectivity and amenity issues associated with pedestrian, cyclist and vehicular use and movement. In February 2010 the Council resolved to undertake a master planning exercise for Pioneer Place.

In February 2011, the Council endorsed a staged approach to the development of a master plan. Following initial community consultation, the stage 1 master plan has been developed and is now on public exhibition. Input from the broader community is encouraged prior to adoption of the master plan.